Monthly Yin & Restorative Immersion

Our monthly offering is like a 90 minute mini urban retreat, where we use the beginning of the lunar cycle, as a point in time to recalibrate our internal rhythm. New moon is a time where we are primed for introspection and deep rest.

We begin our practice with meditation and pranayama, then move into a short Yin sequence to stretch and open, in preparation for the delicious Restorative poses where blankets are expertly folded and origamied around you, fortified with bolsters (and more blankets) and finished off with an eye pillow for maximum chill vibes. Working with the energy meridians, gentle acupressure will be also be applied to support deep relaxation, as we conclude with Yoga Nidra.

This immersion is perfect if you need a reset for your nervous system and to treat yourself to a slice of peace and tranquility, admist the chaos of day-to-day life. Guaranteed to have you feeling rejuvenated and delightfully yoga stoned! Read more about the benefits of our signature yoga style here.

Bookings are essential as there is a maximum of 8 spots.

Private Yoga Session

Remember when you used to build a pillow fort as a kid and always felt so safe whenever you were inside, like nothing, not even those monsters could get you? Who says we can’t have that as adults?

You get the same signature Yin & Juice yoga style but with so much more. We will have a brief phone consultation where you tell me what you want (or don’t want), to make sure the session is designed specifically for you.

Want to learn more about your chakras? Done. Want to learn how to meditate? Done. Want to just sleep for an hour in a yoga blanket burrito? Done. Dunno, but want to try a bit of everything? Done. We co-create the awesomeness together.

Custom Workshops

If you want a truly unique yoga experience, then why not try a Custom Workshop?

Workshops are the perfect gift or group activity. Healthy hen’s days can now be a thing (Yoga workshop then brunch? Hella yes!); and team building doesn’t always have to involve trust falls or building an IKEA cupboard without instructions.

There are a multitude of ways we can design a workshop to suit you. Some workshop ideas include:

  • Yin & Restorative yoga 101
  • Managing emotions – grief, sadness, anxiety
  • Building a home yoga practice
  • Energy balancing- chakras, 5 elements
  • Family/children’s yoga
  • Astrological events- new/full moon, solstice, eclipse
  • Welcoming the seasons

Yoga should be accessible to everyone, but sometimes large classes can be daunting. Workshops are a perfect way to enjoy your yoga practice in a safe and welcoming space. Small class sizes (up to 8 people) also ensure you get undivided attention.