Policies & Ethics

Code of Ethics

There is a misconception that Tarot is a fortune telling tool and can give you winning lotto numbers or even predict dramatic things like your death! Please understand that is not how tarot works. The cards provide insight into possibilities that are open to you and help guide you on your path.

Time is not linear and the Universe is indeed a mystery. As such, I don’t believe one’s fate is necessarily fixed or set in stone. We can predict the direction where something is heading but we also need to recognise and respect our own power to affect change. The reading should empower you to find and follow your truth by connecting with your inner wisdom. How you choose to do this is entirely in your hands.

Whilst I encourage follow up readings, I do recommend you leave a sufficient amount of time between readings (4-6 weeks) on the same subject. If you are finding it challenging to shift energectic blocks or limiting beliefs, there are other ways I can support you through alternative modalities, or I may be able to refer you to another practitioner. 

I will not give medical, legal or financial readings. A general question around health and wellness are fine and often relevant, however if you have specific health concerns then I would recommend seeing a medical professional. Same goes for legal and financial advice.

I reserve the right to refuse a reading for any reason.

Booking Policy

All readings need to be paid for in advance, through our store. As soon as I receive notification of your purchase, I will contact you to confirm an appointment time (in the case of a face to face reading) or confirm a turnaround time (in the case of email readings).

Refund Policy

I don’t offer refunds for readings (except in the event I refuse a reading, for which there will be a full refund issued). Regardless of how you feel about the reading, you will have received my time, expertise and energy. Please ensure I am the right reader for you before you book. You can get an idea of my reading style and what services I offer on the Tarot page. Alternatively, you can drop me a text on 0434 392 776  or email me [email protected] with any queries.