Welcome to the Yin & Juice Yoga Pillow Fort

Prepare to be the most relaxed you have ever been in your life…

The ethos of Yin & Juice is to build a community and promote yoga which is about “being”, rather than “doing”. We live our lives constantly doing something (in most cases a huge number of somethings, all at the same time!), so we need to find balance through self-care and self-inquiry.

Yin and Restorative yoga are passive practices, with floor based poses, held for longer periods and are accessible to everyone. To learn more about the signature Yin & Juice yoga style, click here.

We offer private classes and workshops to consciously support the chilled out atmosphere of an adult pillow fort: the optimum environment to chill the f**k out.

See you on the mat mofos… Om shanti preach x