I offer Tarot readings, face to face in Surry Hills or remotely via email/Skype. I have an intuitive Tarot reading style, which is influenced by the Jungian psychology of symbolism, archetypes and the collective unconscious. My style of reading is especially suited to people who are seeking  a deeper connection with themselves and find alignment with their life purpose.

Tarot cards are an amazing tool for self-inquiry and offers different perspectives when dealing with a situation or life event. I believe we all have an inner wisdom which holds all the answers and Tarot is a way of tapping into our psyche. I encourage you to look beyond asking yes/no questions, as they can be limiting and restrictive. I can help you formulate a more open way to ask your question at your reading.

The cards reflect the energy surrounding a situation and paint a narrative which shows the likely direction you are heading and helps explore options. I encourage a two-way dialogue during readings and for you to connect with the cards in your own way, as it is a form of therapy for personal or spiritual exploration.

I use my intuition to identify key cards from your reading and the messages attached. I will offer suggestions for further exploration in your own time, through meditation, crystals, essential oils or other avenues, to strengthen your connection with Self and to enhance your own intuition.

I use the classic Rider-Waite Tarot deck for most readings but ultimately it depends on the spread used. I will often introduce Oracle cards to a Tarot reading, as I feel they add another dimension and can enrich a reading.

Please refer to my Policies & Ethics page prior to booking.


In person/via Skype

  • 30 mins     $50
  • 45 mins     $75
  • 60 mins     $90

Email (for descriptions of email readings visit the store)

  • Mini Tarot Reading               $15
  • Standard Tarot Reading       $35
  • In-Depth Tarot Reading        $65

How do I make a booking for a face to face reading?

You can purchase your reading through our store – please leave a note if you have a preferred date/time in mind and I will do my best to accommodate. When I receive notification of your purchase, I will contact you to within 24 hours to confirm an appointment time.

How do I purchase an email reading?

You can purchase your reading through our store. When I receive notification of your purchase, I will email regarding your question and some context surrounding the situation. I will also confirm turnaround time (currently 2-4 days).

How do I know which option I need for an email reading?

I understand that this can be a tricky decision, especially if you are new to tarot. You can find out exactly what to expect with the detailed description in the listing, by visiting the store. If you still can’t decide, feel free to drop me a line and we can go through it together prior to purchase.