Gift Voucher - Group Yoga Class


Gift Voucher - Group Yoga Class GV003

Looking for a unique, memorable gift for someone special? Give them the ultimate gift of deep rest and relaxation in the Yin & Juice yoga pillow fort, where we take care of everything so they can just turn up, switch off and chill the f**k out.

Yin & Juice yoga is a mash up of yin and restorative yoga, where poses are held for longer and lots of props (bolsters, blankets, eye pillows etc) are used for support. No prior yoga experience is required.

Classes are in Surry Hills, every Wednesday 6.15 - 7.30pm. Prior booking is recommended.

Every week is different as I weave in a theme and can include meditation, breathing techniques (pranayama), essential oils, Tibetan singing bowls... anything that will support deep relaxation.

Gift certificates can be personalised for any occasion and will be sent electronically (most eco-friendly option- love the earth!), however I can arrange for one to be printed and posted in a gift box for a small extra fee.

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Gift Voucher - Group Yoga Class